Positive Psychology for people living overseas

Professional help for ex-patriots . . .

IREM BRAY is the

very first Consulting Psychologist to specialise in helping Turkish Speakers overseas using the Internet.

She is a qualified psychologist and family therapist with over 20 years experience of helping others gained both in private practice and within state systems.

Irem trains medical practitioners, mentors, mediators, human relations specialists, as well as fellow psychologists in the skills required to help people.

She is a pioneer of online consulting with over five years experience of helping ex-patriot Turks via the Internet.

The author of numerous articles about helping parents, couples, those in mixed marriages, as well as troubled executives and business owners - Irem is well known in professional circles as a popular speaker at congresses and other events.

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"Three good reasons why I may not be right for you . . . "

Hi, I hate having to write, or talk, about me. I am more interested in writing for you. I wonder – what do you need to know?

I'm around 50 years old with loads of qualifications and experience. I live in Turkey. My husband was born in England and became a Turkish Citizen. We have one child, who is currently being educated in the United Kingdom.

You're probably just wondering can this person really help me?

1. For many readers, my answer must be NO!

For some reason, people think that consulting a psychologist is like visiting a pharmacy to buy a remedy for the common cold.

I understand this. Back in the 1990s I thought that training as a psychologist would enable me to quickly solve all my problems. I would then become 'all knowing and wise' and pay back my debt to society by helping others.

Well, it isn't so easy. I have helped many hundreds of people but it took lots of work, frustration, and perseverance before I got it right.

Even now it still takes effort to keep my life in order. So if you're not prepared to commit to at least twice as much more effort than you're hoping for, I'm probably not right for you.

. . . and is if that isn't enough:

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2. "If you lack the courage to face your demons, we're not going to get along."

Here's why I'm telling you this.

I don't set out to frighten people but, sooner or later, you will discover that the only person who is responsible for maintaining your problems is you.


"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"

Start going down the “On-line Self-Improvement" rabbit hole, and you'll find all kinds of people and articles advising on how to improve your life using visualisation, meditation or even taking pills.

You will discover lots of hype on the “latest techniques" for 'personal-empowerment'.

Does any of it work?

Some, probably, in the short term. But if you rely on these, you cannot become truly independent. You'll have an outlook that's supported by an unsustainable gimmick. And that is a waste of your life. If you want to waste time switch on the T.V. It's more fun..

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3. "Online mentoring is convenient, but it's not always easy . . . "

If you're looking for “The Easy Way", I cannot help you.

It's important you understand that there are sometimes 'quick-fixes' for symptoms. You need not suffer more than is necessary.

But when I hear someone say, “What's the easiest way", what I'm really hearing is, 'I'm not fully invested in my own long term happiness, or that of my partners and family.'

And that translates as:

"I have so little self belief that I won't put in the effort."

'To lose your life and be reborn is not easy'. It requires APPLICATION. Yes, when you've discovered who you are, and what you really want out of life, living is a wonderful journey. But it takes EFFORT to arrive at the moment when it all becomes EFFORTLESS EASE, no matter your circumstances.

Effortless ease isn't the cessation of activity, far from it. It is, instead, the experience of living a full life when everything you do is experienced as emotional or physical exercise, rather than labour.

Still Interested? Good.

Here's what you can expect from me.

Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your life right now … which are frequently followed by:

Psychological experiments that keep you on your toes as you learn and grow.

So, there you have it. If you want to enjoy the life you deserve you're going to have to take the time and make the effort to get there. The good news is, however, that I'm here to help you.

Well, what do you expect? – I worked for years to get where I am today. I have been poor, and I've been rich. Let me tell you 'rich is better', but it's not everything!

My profession is helping people. If you're not at least as committed to helping yourself as I am to helping you there's no reward in it for me.

Every week I put out FREE materials for people who cannot afford my regular fees. I support nurseries, schools, and charity projects.

The idea is for people in need to find sufficient in these free materials that they will be able to afford some paid help, in due course, and so free themselves from their demons. They may not come back to me, I know. After all I'm not the cheapest therapist available, but I figure the more people I help the greater my reputation becomes. That can't be a bad thing, can it?

But you may be wondering …

How Do You Know If I Can Deliver On My Promises?

Well, the smartest thing to do is to just Google for some of my free materials.

If you like them, you'll probably enjoy working with me.

If you don't benefit from them, we won't waste each other's time.

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So now you know most everything you need to make a decision . . .

The good, the bad, and the downright ugly ;)

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

The rest is up to you . . .


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Irem Bray M.Sc. (Lond).
Consulting Psychologist & Systemic Psychotherapist

Fast, responsive help for people in need

Mentoring services for business professionals, academics and medical practitioners. All provided in a clear, no nonsense, way for people committed to resolving problems and improving their lives.

P.S. Irem Bray is available for a limited number of speaking engagements and consulting assignments. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements.


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