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Ex-Pats: How know if you're with the right partner.

These three overlooked scenarios can make, or break, your migration plans.

Just as adolescents believe that old age is something that will never apply to them, so migrants tend to deny the likelihood of unexpected difficulty in their relationships.

I know lots of people for whom migration has worked out really well. What they have in common is that they showed focus and flexibility when faced with challenges.

Here are solutions to all three common problems that tend to crop up for those living abroad.

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Ex-Pats: How To Protect Your Finances.

You may have been well-off in your home country, but those living abroad tend to get themselves into financial trouble fast.

Let me help you avoid some common traps, however, before doing so I must declare, for legal reasons, that I am neither a qualified debt counselor nor financial advisor.

Everything I learned about money came from experience, and almost all of it runs in opposition to what most others will tell you.

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Ex-Pats: How To Learn A New Language Fast AND Minimise The Negative Effects Of NOT Speaking Your Mother Tongue!

Let's show you something most people ignore.

There are literally thousands of people who successfully transitioned to living a new life in a foreign country where they spoke a new language.

This article describes how they did it, and the best methods for you too :)


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