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"As I live overseas and I'm almost constantly travelling, online therapy is the best method for me. I can't say I didn't have any doubts about the effectiveness of online therapy in the first place.

I wondered whether it could really do any good?

But Mrs. Bray's professional expertise and strong communication ability, coupled with the online video communication technology that we have today made it just as good as face-to-face therapy.

Furthermore, it allows us to use time more efficiently in a world where time is very valuable. For instance, we don't have to spend any time for transportation… Besides being very efficient in online communication, Mrs. Bray also successfully established the desired consultant-client bond in a short time. Therefore, I benefitted from our sessions in a short time and it produced noticeable changes in my life.

When you have a nice experience like this, you wish to share it with others who may have similar needs, which is why I recommend Mrs. Bray strongly to anyone who needs online therapy."

F. T. F. T. 21/02/2016

"The most important challenge in my search for a consultant was to find one with whom I could communicate easily and whom I could trust. I feel I've been very lucky in this aspect, as I've met Mrs. Bray upon the recommendation of a family friend teaching in Istanbul School of Medicine.

The first time you receive consulting, you have many questions in mind, you wonder whether it could work, you think you've been to so many professionals before, what could she do that they couldn't? Now, you may not be able to find clear-cut answers to these questions even after the process has ended. But some things, in fact, a lot of things change in your life without your realizing how – only if you want this change to happen, of course. I believe it's due to her sincerity, her desire to help, the fact that she understands you and makes you realize things, and maybe the fact that you've taken that first difficult step by starting to get consultancy. The rest is easy. If you decide to receive consultancy, tell everything openly, do not worry about being judged.

Let the process go ahead. And don't be scared, just take that first step… "

M. E. 06/05/2016

"İrem Bray establishes a warm, sincere, sound, enlightening, healing, and above all, true dialogue with her patient, where every detail is examined and understood. You find yourself voicing your true feelings and thoughts often, surprisingly, for the first time, and more importantly, you feel well understood.

One of İrem Bray's most outstanding traits is that while she uses the state-of-the-art therapy methods, she offers you a wealth of teachings and practices from ancient cultures and she supports those with several experiences and practices, she has an extraordinary gift to give you a new and very different perspective. Our sessions are like a journey to myself, every moment of which I look forward to experience. I feel deciding to contact her was the best thing I've ever done for myself and for my loved ones and I'm proud of myself for doing it. I'm grateful to İrem Bray for her selflessness and her sincerity.

I sincerely recommend İrem Bray who I feel is one of the important pioneers in this field."

O.Y. 06/09/2016

"Irem offers, inarguably, more than she professionally needs to. I recommend this lovely person who loves her profession and who's deeply faithful to her humanity with all my heart. Her therapy will be definitely, absolutely helpful to you on your personal development. She will accompany you on your journey to yourself, with accurate evaluations and without judgment.

Her energy, her sincerity and her attention are so high, you can't help developing a relation with her. And, there is so much more to say. Dear İrem, I'm so glad to have met you, I consider it a privilege to have met you and believe that you will always be successful.

With love and best regards… "

O. K. 04/08/2015

"This is the first time I've decided to get professional help. Even though I didn't feel I had a psychological problem, my husband thought I could benefit from seeing a professional, so I found Mrs. Bray. The fact that she was a family therapist played a major role on my choice.

I had some doubts because the sessions would be online.

I'm so glad I've met and consulted Mrs. Bray. Her advice and her approach both as a family therapist and a personal therapist were very very helpful to me, and within as short a time as a month. She has a good command of her field, and most importantly, she has the ability to look at things from your perspective. I'm grateful to her.

I think every healthy person has to get psychological help, be it once in their lifetime. When you look at the problems you magnify in your mind from a different perspective, you may find that they cease to be problems; thank you again, Mrs. Bray, for making me realize this, I'm glad I've met you. "

E. 16/06/2015

"Not only have I recovered from panic disorder, but I've also quit smoking, spontaneously  I'm still thinking how she managed to do all that, and I can't quite wrap my mind around it, the nice thing is I can now think healthily and make healthy choices, and I'm full of energy.

When I was sick, I believed this kind of recommendations for professionals were written either by their friends or themselves, maybe there are others who think that way, I would like to reassure them that it's not the case.

I once
lived a life full of doubts and fears, thinking I was going to die any minute, and here I stand now, a person loving life, thanks to Mrs. Bray. You will understand how fast you will get better when you see her for yourself anyway. I would like to say thank you to her one more time. If I'm back to loving live and living with lots of energy now. I owe it to Mrs. Bray.

Wishing you good health. "

Y. 28/08/2014

"Hi. I came across İrem Bray on the internet, while searching for a consultant. I suffered from depression and PTSD.

I was going through a period where I felt really miserable and helpless.

It was as if were in a tunnel with no way out. I'd learned what it meant to hit rock bottom and to think of suicide. After I started to receive therapy, my mood started to change swiftly thanks to İrem's support during the sessions and to the exercises that she asked me to do between sessions. I recovered from both depression and PTSD without using any drugs. I'm grateful to İrem for waking me up and bringing me to my senses so I could develop a new perspective on life and on myself.

I'm so glad I've met you. "

H. 26/01/2014

"I found İrem Bray through an online search. My daughter had difficulties with her school work. We communicated with İrem Bray on the phone. Her warm, genial approach and the way she talked and explained things in an easy-to-understand manner was nice.

I applied her advice and I started to work slowly with my daughter. We used to have communication problems as well, because of her difficulties with school work; she grew bored and tired too quickly and I got angry, it annoyed me so much. Mrs. Bray asked me many detailed questions to find out where I went wrong and we worked it out.

I recommend her to everybody. "

D. Y. 23/07/2013

"The first difference that will catch your attention while working with Mrs. Bray is her professional yet sincere attitude. It's really reassuring to feel that she understands you when you talk.

As time goes by you feel the difference that she creates in you. I contacted Mrs. Bray for low self-confidence and adaptation issues. She was able to change my perception. I feel very lucky for having worked with her. She helped me way more than any professional could have.

Once more, I would like to say thank you to her. "

M. 02/07/2013

"I really like her approach. She acts like a friend rather than a doctor.

I believe she'll help us with our problem. She is nice and genial yet very serious in her work. She is more generous than a typical doctor. You feel very comfortable with her. We've found her through my wife's web search. It's only been a short while but we like and value her much. If you want to obtain good results, and you want to do it quickly, never lie to her even though you may lie to yourself.

Tell everything simply and openly, and let her be your thinking, understanding brain. "

N. A. 01/05/2013

"İrem Bray gave me and my family online support many times. She is still there for me whenever I need support. She is an expert in her field. No need to say that she has an excellent academic background…

She is always good-humored; she talks clearly and eloquently, with a soothing tone of voice… She never confuses you! And, she is also a wonderful mum. If you look for a psychologist who is highly professional and to whom you can relate,

I strongly recommend İrem Bray… "

I. 29/00/2013

"Hi. I came across İrem Bray's name on a web site for finding health professionals. I contacted her on the phone.

I had a specific problem concerning my child and I didn't know how to treat my child as a mother, which upset me very deeply.

I told Mrs. Bray about my problem, she kindly made time for me to give me the best answer I could ever get and guide me as to how to act. She was very helpful and made me feel better. I find she is a very good psychologist.

Many thanks. "

Y. K. 18/01/2013

"Hi. I've met Dr. İrem BRAY quite recently and I've become a patient of hers. I'm very pleased with her expertise as well as her sincerity. I'm currently seeing her regularly. I have a 7 and a half year old son who was having problems at schools.

I was feeling quite helpless before having met Mrs. Bray.

As a Marriage Counselor/Family Therapist, she was able to help us and she was very caring. Her evaluations and her instructions have helped us overcome our problems gradually. I'm a very sensitive mother and she relieved me from my pessimism and guided me to the right path. I'm grateful to her for being with us in this process that takes time and patience.

Thank you so much… "

D. 08/12/2012

"I attended a 4-part Parent Training course she held. Mrs. Bray is an extremely open-hearted, generous, simple and sincere person.

The training course was very well prepared content-wise, complete with questions and answers, and it encouraged the attendants to take an active part. I and the other participants were able to ask any questions that bothered us, to share any points we weren't convinced about.

None of our questions was left unanswered of received condescendingly. İrem examined every question carefully and tried to understand us. First, she empathized with us as a mother and then answered us as a professional, yet in a way we could understand.

She suggested us books and authors that could be helpful to us on issues covered in the training course. She also gave us her contact information in case we had questions later. İrem is a person with an extremely positive attitude, who loves her profession passionately and strives to contribute to the well-being of the people around her. It makes her happy to be able to do that and she shows it, too.

I'm glad I've met her, both as a psychologist and as a person."

A. D. 02/12/2012

"I have been receiving therapy from Mrs. Bray for almost 8 months and it's changed my view of life and my energy levels. While I used to spend the good part of the day sleeping, I'm now so active I find it hard to believe myself. Mrs. Bray is a psychologist who will broaden your horizon with her world-view and her opinions.

But what I find most important to mention is that you will find it so easy to communicate with her and you will feel that she really understands you. You may have doubts about online therapy at first (I did), but you'll soon find it's just as good as face-to-face therapy, if not better because you can have the sessions in the comfort of your home, without losing any time. And you feel as if you were sitting face-to-face.

Thank you, Mrs. Bray, for the great change you created in me… "

B. 27/11/2012

"I met Mrs. Bray online through a doctors website. She answered my questions kindly, she gave me her e-mail address and her phone number in case I would need further help and I was convinced that she wanted to help.

She returned my e-mail messages and phone calls, and she gave sincere attention to my problems when we talked, as if I were family.

She is very kind, just her smile would be enough to endear her to you. She has a beautiful heart; I pray to God that she or her family may never get hurt. I recommend her to everyone; she would be very helpful to all.

Best regards. "

Uğur 23/05/2012

"I met İrem Bray through a family therapy training course she and her spouse gave in ÇARE-DER (Children's Mental Health and Counseling Association).

They are both great people.

I've been deeply impressed by their perspective, which has contributed much to my work as a school guidance counselor. I feel very lucky to have met and worked with them. Mrs. Bray helped us by translating her husband's words. She is a kind, caring, honest and good-humored person, who is very responsible towards her patients. I've read the recommendations for her and found out that she gives online counseling, which I would like to arrange for my daughter.

Love and best regards. "

Tunay Güner, Muallim Naci Primary School Guidance Counselor. T. 08/05/2012

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