Positive Psychology for people living overseas

Professional help for ex-patriots . . .

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The Ex-Pat Superpack is a five week online training that shows you how to:

● Avoid the six most common pitfalls for people living, or working, overseas.
● Build a network of like-minded people quickly.
● Negotiate common prejudices foreigners may have about you, and you may have about them.
● Maintain positive links with folk back home.
● Prepare you for unexpected consequences of migration.

Optional group coaching calls are included.

Level: 'Just Starting Out' to 'Encountering Real Problems'

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Living with a foreigner is a five week on-line training that shows you:

● Five common, but unexpected, difficulties people encounter when choosing a foreign partner.
● The differences in non-verbal signals, and timing, between cultures that can lead to misunderstanding.
● The best places to find potential partners, and the ones to avoid.
● The best way to tell the folk back home that you've hooked up with a foreigner.
● How to end a relationship positively if it's not working out.

Optional group coaching calls are included.

Level: 'Not In A Relationship' to 'Encountering Real Problems'

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The personal super-pack comprises up to six on-line calls with psychologist Irem Bray.

● This opportunity is for those committed to improving their lives, or relationships, fast.
● Your six calls are scheduled on days and times to suit you. This is the beauty of on-line therapy.
● Before taking anyone on I offer a FREE strategy interview. It lasts around 15 minutes. The purpose is to ensure that what I offer is what you need and so we won't waste each other's time.
● We need to set you up with either a Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp account, if you don't already have them.
● I don't offer services via e-mail.
● Clients are expected to pay up-front because that makes my accountant happy and, I have found, people who seriously commit prefer this.

Use the contact form to reach me for full details.


For those: Seeking A Mentor, to Far More Acute Problems That You Probably Wouldn't Believe, Even If I Told You ;)