About Irem Bray

Irem Bray is something of a legend in Turkish famlily therapy

Consulting Psychologist and Family Therapist

Irem Bray has become something of a legend in the field of Turkish Family Therapy. Not only is she one of the first psycholgists in Turkey to hold a Masters Degree in the subject, she is also a renowned Family Therapy trainer. Her youthful looks belie a wealth of experience, as well as a fine brain and an open heart.

Born in Ankara as Irem Soylu she graduated from Saint-Benoit French Lycee, and speaks both French and English.

In 2004 İrem moved with her husband to Turunç, on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, in order to offer her baby daughter the healthiest possible environment in which to start her life. She has been pursuing her work in her home-office in Gökova since 2014.

London University Trained Family Consultant and Marriage Therapist

Being A Family Consultant and A Marriage Therapist

After completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Bosphorus University she completed her degree of Master of Science in Family Therapy from London University’s Institute of Psychiatry.  Her thesis title is ‘Perception of Favouritism in Childhood and Adult Sibling Relationships’. Her degrees are fully recognized world-wide, and have been registered with the Turkish Ministry of Education. Working in various clinics from 1995 to 2000 as a family therapist in the U.K., she wrote court reports and gave evidence as an expert witness. In the year 2000, however, İrem returned to Istanbul in order to provide practical support to her mother, who had suffered a near death experience the previous year.

Psychotherapy In Istanbul

In Istanbul she built her practice at the prestigious Içgoru Center for Psychotherapy in fashionable Nişantaşi, where she worked until 2004. During this time she was also a committee member of Turkish Psychological Association Istanbul Branch, where she sat on a number of groups as well as providing training for the Association’s members. During this period Irem gave a great deal of time to voluntary organisations, both as a speaker, and also by providing training related to family psychology.

Turkey’s First Family Therapy Training Clinic

This included forming  Turkey’s first and only Family Guidance Team with a live video link with Stephen Bray in Çare-Der between 2001-2006.

Psychological Help For Earthquake Survivors And Volunteers Working With Them

She authored a documentary book called ‘One Earthquake Infinite Awareness’ together with volunteers of  Ag-17  Earthquake Group with the support of Stephen Bray. This project was awarded 1st place for presentation with Stephen Bray in 2003 at the International Group Therapies Congress.

Human Resources Consulting For Troubled Family Businesses

İrem provides training for professionals concerned with families, either as therapists, counselors, or business consultants.

Child Psychologist, Professional and Personal Development

The move to Turunç and the years she’s spent raising her daughter have enabled İrem to deepen and consolidate her theoretical knowledge on child development, child psychology, parenting, and family systems with her life experiences. During this period, her martial arts focus shifted from more rigorous forms such as Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do to the gentler rhythms of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Aikido and she earned her Chi Fusion Trainer’s Certificate in 2012.

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

The online therapy services İrem launched in Turunç in 2009 has now grown to fulfill an important need for a large group of clients from all continents worldwide. İrem has started to allocate some of her time to face-to-face sessions in her new base in Gökova since 2014.

Training for Couples and Family Therapists

İrem has been training Family Therapists online and supervising professionals working with families since 2010.

What makes the Family Therapy Training, prepared by Stephen Bray, special is the fact that it allows the trainees to step into a sphere where they can view themselves and their families from a different perspective while learning various models and intervention techniques.

Training for Conscious Parents

İrem makes a point of sharing her wisdom with parents to raise healthy generations and she delivers training programs in schools to serve this end.

Personal Development, Family Development: Self Help for Individuals and Families

As she has made it her purpose to make a meaningful difference in as many people’s lives as possible, İrem has lately made videos of the training programs she prepared, and she put them into the service of the society at highly affordable prices. Click here to find the training videos on an expanding range of topics. (these are in Turkish at the moment)

Pre-Marital Consulting, Couples and Family Therapy

İrem finds transition periods, as stressful as they may be, create a fertile field in one’s life where we are more open to changing and learning, for which reason she has developed a special program for couples verging on taking the big step, where she offers guidance to young and more mature couples on such issues as making the right decision, foreseeing and preventing the probable future problems, getting to know oneself and one’s partner, knowing how to support each other, emotional awareness, and expressing and controlling one’s emotions.

Antenatal Support

İrem knows pregnancy is a valuable period, which, however, stirs anxiety and apprehension, and she works with expecting parents to raise healthy generations.


Despite a busy schedule İrem Bray continues to develop and deliver training programs for parents, teachers and students.

She holds a number of professional memberships including:

The Turkish Psychological Association.

Couples- and Family- Therapists Association.

The International Family Therapy Association.

The International Society for Mental Health Online.

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